The Gambia, exotic birds, hot weather, and your chance to spot and photograph birds that most people have only dreamed about seeing, and yet with Gambia Birding Explorers this is not a just a dream this is what we do best. Just think, only just a short five to six hour flight from the UK. Within a few hours of landing, you will be greeted by some of the country’s more exotic birdlife, over 560 bird species have been recorded in this small but perfect place in West Africa [The Gambia]. The first morning you might be woken by the call of the bulbuls which together with red-billed hornbills, snowy-white egrets and fire-finches will have made your hotels garden their home.
There is little doubt that by the end of your visit, whether for a few days or for two weeks the spectacular birds of the Gambia will have you hooked.
Gambia Birding Explorers is run by Stuart Burns who is based in the UK and Lamin Jobarteh who lives in the Gambia. Stuart has a passion for bird photography, and Lamin Jobarteh is a Director of the West African Bird Study Association and is the resident bird guide at the Laico-Atlantic Hotel in Banjul. Stuart and Lamin became friends some years ago when Stuart first travelled to the Gambia and Lamin Guided him around the Gambia, and on that very first trip of many, spotted over 300 bird species, the bond between Lamin and Stuart was formed.