10 Things not to miss

This my my list of the ten things that you must do while you are in the Gambia, and all but number 2 are under an hour from all the resort areas.

[1] Katchikali crocodile pool. You may never be closer to a crocodile than this.

[2] Long distance river trips. Enjoy the sounds of the river and all it has to offer.

[3] Roots – A moving experience 200 years back in time into the slave trade, immortalized in Alex Haley’s novel and TV series about his great great grandfather Kunte Kinteh.

[4] A creek trip by dugout pirogu, this will take you through the narrowest waterways and is a haven for birds.

[5] Albert Market, Banjul. The capital's main market.

[6] James Island with it's ruined fort that is a reminder of the slave trade and for many the last days spent on African soil.

[7] Abuko Nature Reserve, Abuko is the closest patch of tropical forest to Europe and each winter attracts thousands of birdwatchers, Abuko also is home to Red-Colobus monkey, monitor lizards, crocodiles, snakes, and an animal orphanage with hyenas.

[8] Mandina Lodge that overlooks the beautiful creek on the edge of the Makasutu culture forest, it also has one of the loveliest pools in the country.

[9] Sanyang beach with its soft sand and sparkling sea with laid back beach bars.

[10] Walking along the southern Kombos beaches between Brufut and Kartong, you will barely see another soul, and you may encounter turtles if you are lucky.