Gambia Birding Explorers has been set up with one aim in mind, and that is to guide photographers and bird watchers alike to one of the very best locations in the world. The Gambia is only a short five to six hour flight from the UK. Within a few hours of landing, you can expect to be greeted by some of the country’s more exotic birdlife, over 560 bird species with many making your hotel's garden their home.
There is little doubt that, by the end of your visit whether for a few days or for two weeks the spectacular birds of the Gambia will have you looking at your calendar for when you will return.
Gambia Birding Explorers is run by Stuart Burns who is based in the UK and Lamin Jobarteh, Stuart has a passion for bird photography, and Lamin Jobarteh is a Director of the West African Bird Study Association and is the resident bird guide at the Laico-Atlantic Hotel in Banjul. Stuart and Lamin became friends some years ago when he first travelled to the Gambia and Lamin Guided him around the Gambia, and on that very first trip of many, spotted over 300 bird species.

Gambia Birding Explorers is all about the beauty of seeing and photographing the wonderful birds of the Gambia and Senegal in there own exotic location.
Many of the national parks and nature reserves are within easy reach of Gambia's coastal resorts and hotels. In order to enjoy the natural wonders of the Gambia to the full, it is wise to employ the services of an experienced guide who will look after you and help you make the best use of your time.

We are able to offer just such services at a very reasonable cost and can ensure that you will take back many happy memories of your visit to this beautiful country. You can contact me before you leave home via our UK based operations or at the Laico-Atlantic Hotel Banjul.

Birding with Lamin, is always a delightful experience because of his extensive knowledge in the field. Lamin comes from Banjul and has spent all his life studying birds and their habitat. Being brought up in such a small country Lamin also has expert knowledge on all aspects of his country, whether it be the flora or fauna or it's heritage to sites that date from prehistoric times, or to the slave trading era [Kunta Kinte Roots, Alex Haley]. For many years Lamin has been engaged in escorting visitors who wish to enjoy the beauty of nature in the Gambia and Senegal. An excursion with Lamin will always be a memorable experience because of the depth of knowledge which he will bring to such outings. Whether we are visiting the local beauty spots of Abuko and Tangi Beach, or travelling further a field to Sindola, or Tendaba or Senegal you will be delighted with the magic that Lamin can bring to these wonderful field trips.
We will arrange all transport, food, drinks, and accommodation for overnight stays for the further afield trips and pick ups and return to the airport. The Gambia is a poor country but it is rich in natural beauty. In order that you can enjoy your visit to the full, it is wise to find a quality guide to help you on your way. Our vast experience and extensive knowledge at Gambia Birding Explorers is one of the very best that you will find. Whatever your interest, whether it be nature or cultural we will be able to help and advise you.

We at Gambia Birding Explorers will fulfil your expectations and beyond.
Lamin and Stuart.