A. The Gambia is one of the safest countrys in West Africa.

Q. Will I find Wi-Fi in the Gambia?
A. You will only find Wi-Fi in a Hotel and the connection may be erratic.

Q: Is there any time difference between here and The Gambia?
A. The Gambia is on GMT, so there is no time difference. During British Summer Time, The Gambia is 1 hour behind us here in the UK.

Q. Are mosquitoes a major problem?
A. Mosquitoes are most active in the late afternoon and the evening. It is advised that a good insect repellent is used to prevent being bitten and also the use of anti- malaria tablets as prescribed by your doctor.

Q. Do I need any special travel adapter?
A. No, the plugs are the same as the UK style 3 pin type in general but some places do have the European-style two-pin. The electricity is 220V AC.

Q. Who do I contact if I have an emergency?
A. Telephone: Ambulance: 16; Police: 17; Fire: 18;

Q. Do i need a visa?
A. If you are a UK passport holder then no visa requirements are required if your stay is under 90 days, all other nationals should seek information from the Gambian Embassy in their home country.

Q. Is the water safe to drink?
A. Yes, but you may prefer to buy bottled water which is widely available
from local supermarkets.